Scholar's App mission to send 1 million more students to college by the year 2020. We will achieve this goal by improving the scholarship experience for both students and donors. The current system is not efficient and results in thousands of scholarships going unapplied for and millions of dollars left unclaimed. Scholar's App connects students to scholarships that they qualify for, and then helps them apply! Join the movement.

Why We Started

Traven Watase created Scholar’s App after experiencing frustrations with scholarships from both a student and donor’s perspective. Traven had two main issues; one – completing paper applications individually was extremely time consuming, two –the difficulty of finding scholarships he qualified for because of his cumulative GPA. Despite having a 4.0 in both his Junior and Senior year of high school, his overall score was low from the years before.

Upon feeling the pain of being overlooked by some scholarships, Traven decided to create his own scholarship for someone in a similar situation right out of High School. He ate Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches to put aside money for what he would call, the PB&J scholarship. However, when Traven finally saved his goal of $500 to make a scholarship, he was rejected because the dollar amount was too small.

Convinced that there were others like himself who wanted to give money to students in need, Traven saw a lack of efficiency from both the student and donor side. Thus, he founded Scholar’s App to improve the scholarship experience for both parties. He hopes to not only enable, but also empower more people to get involved with scholarships, and allow 1 million more students to attend college each year.