An Easier Way For Schools To Manage Their Scholarships

What is Binder?

Binder allows high schools to digitize scholarship forms so their students can be matched and apply to them online. Once students complete their free account on Scholar's App, they will be matched to not only the scholarships posted by your school, but other scholarships in our database that they qualify for. They will then choose which scholarships they want to apply to. Simple? We think so too.

How Does it Work?

Upload or Send Us Your Scholarships

Those Scholarships Get Posted Here

Your Students Match to Them

Your Students Start Applying!


Do I need to pay to digitize my scholarships?

No, Binder is free for accredited high schools!

How long will it take for my scholarship(s) to be posted?

Usually within 24 hours. It will take longer depending on the amount of scholarships you send us. We'll send you a confirmation email when we receive your documents and a follow-up email as soon as your scholarship(s) are digitized and posted to our website.

Will my students see every scholarship I post?

Students are only shown scholarships they qualify for. This includes the scholarships you post along with the ones already on our site!

Is there a limit to the amount of scholarships I can post?

We encourage you to upload as many as you want! Binder is here to help you manage your scholarships online so you never have to make another paper copy again.

Why Binder?


No more binders and drawers full of scholarship applications. You’ll never have to hand out papers of different scholarships hoping they don’t get lost!

Auto Matching

We match your students only to scholarships they qualify for so you don't have to. This includes the ones you posted, but also scholarships already on our site!

Increase In Successful Applications

Once matched, Scholar’s App helps your students begin those applications!

Bring your Scholarships Online Now