College Counselor Dashboard

Manage Your Students and Their Scholarship Applications with Ease

What Do We Do?

We simplify the scholarship application process for students by matching them to scholarships they qualify for. Students can apply to those scholarships directly on our site. This significantly narrows their search and application time. Best of all, it is free for students to use. Let’s work together in making this process as simple as possible.

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College Counselor Dashboard

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We’ve created a dashboard specifically for College Counselors so you can aid your high school seniors with their scholarship applications. This dashboard is a tool that will allow you to:

1) Manage Scholarship Application Forms

2) Help Your Students Apply to Scholarships

3) Access Student Cohort Analytics

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Manage Your Scholarship Applications

College Counselors have paper applications forms and a database of scholarships you’d like to share with your students. It can be frustrating distributing paper forms or getting your students to sift through your school’s page of scholarship links.

You can manage your school’s scholarship database with Binder.  Binder allows you to upload your scholarships applications to our website, share specific ones with a student, and keep track of their application progress.

Upload or Send Us Your Scholarships

Those Scholarships Get Posted Here

Your Students Match to Them

Your Students Start Applying!

Help Your Students Apply to Scholarships

Help your students apply to more scholarships. Once they create a free Scholar’s App account, we will take care of the rest. Students will be able to match to the scholarships from your database along with the ones they qualify for in our database. You no longer have to hand out paper application forms and worry about them losing it. We can digitize paper forms so everything is online.


No more binders and drawers full of scholarship applications. You’ll never have to hand out papers of different scholarships hoping they don’t get lost!


If a student needs a Letter of Recommendation or Counselor signature in order to complete an application, we will notify you for them!

Increase In Successful Applications

Because this process is fast and easy, students are likely to apply to more scholarships.

Cohort Analytics

Want to know how your students are doing after they graduate? We can help you with that. Your high school seniors can continue to use Scholar’s App to find scholarships throughout their college career. Scholar’s App can send verified school officials information on how those graduates are doing after they leave campus.


Do I need to pay to digitize my scholarships?

No it's free for accredited high schools!

How long will it take for my scholarship(s) to be posted?

Usually within 24 hours. It will take longer depending on the amount of scholarships you send us. We'll send you a confirmation email when we receive your documents and a follow-up email as soon as your scholarship(s) are digitized and posted to our website.

Will my students see every scholarship I post?

Students are only shown scholarships they qualify for. This includes the scholarships you post along with the ones already on our site!

Is there a limit to the amount of scholarships I can post?

We encourage you to upload as many as you want! Binder is here to help you manage your scholarships online so you never have to make another paper copy again.

Bring Your Scholarships Online