When is the best time to start applying for scholarships?

For majority of the scholarships on Scholar’s App, the best time to begin applying is approximately a month before the new semester. However, our team suggests you apply as soon as possible!

What is purpose of “profiles”? Why do I need to provide personal information?

Information from your profile is used to first, match you to scholarships you qualify for and next, auto-fill in parts of the scholarships that you decide to apply for. The more information on your profile, the less supplemental information you fill out later!

How does the scholarship “matching” process work? Will I only be able to view scholarships I qualify for?

Scholar’s App uses 14 categories to match students to scholarships eg. GPA, college attending, state of residency, etc. If a scholarship has more specific requirements, (Eg. a scholarship open to all high school seniors in Hawaii, but the recipient needs to be a part of a specific organization) we have “qualifying questions” that a student answers before being allowed to fill out that application. Our matching system will ensure an accurate match so that you only view scholarships you qualify for.

Why use Scholar’s App over other online scholarship services?

Scholar’s App is FREE for students!  We’ve worked tirelessly so you don’t have to. By making Scholar’s App easy to use, we’ve reduced the amount of time students spend searching and applying for scholarships by 60%.

Who can use Scholar’s App?

Scholar’s App is open to ALL high school students along with returning, beginning, or  continuing college students.

How do the donors receive my scholarship applications?

Donors who work closely with Scholar’s App receive applications for their scholarship(s) directly from us. Therefore upon determining which scholarships that you are qualified for and depending on the scholarships, you may either:

  • Finish your applications through Scholar’s App. Your completed applications will be submitted to the donors by us; or
  • Receive email notifications along with attachments of your auto-filled applications, and will be submitted by you.

How will I be notified if I’m selected to be a recipient of a scholarship I’ve applied for?

The scholarship donor will contact you directly if you are selected to be a recipient!

Is there a charge for applying to a scholarship?

Students will never be charged at any point by Scholar’s App!