by Esther Ng

Did you know that medical companies and associations offer a generous amount of award money? Some of these scholarships come from health insurance providers and private healthcare organizations that you may not have heard about. Many students assume that scholarships from healthcare organizations are often reserved for applicants intending to pursue the medical field, an assumption that is false. These scholarships are often open to students who can prove their worth the old fashioned way: good grades, good GPA standing, a persuasive response to word prompts, and an active involvement in community!


Kaiser Permanente

A great example would be the Kaiser Permanente’s Health Care Career Scholarship Program. Designed to help students in Oregon and Southwest Washington, the organization has invested as much as $3.3million in their program since its inauguration in 2008.

The disadvantage of this program is that these scholarships are only awarded to high school seniors graduating from a selected 133 public high schools in the Northwest area, spanning from Longview, Washington, to Eugene, Oregon. Students are chosen from a variety of backgrounds, with one student from each high school receiving an award annually.



  • Scholarship amounts for college-bound students range from $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Scholarship winners are eligible to apply for a Kaiser Permanente summer internship program after finishing their second year of college
  • Scholarships awarded according to academic achievement, engagement in activities, economic disadvantage, and a commitment to a career in health care.


  • Must have commitment to a career in healthcare or related field of study
  • Limited to high school seniors from a select 133 public schools in the Northwest
  • Non-renewable


HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association)

The HMSA Kaimana Awards and Scholarship Program is a Hawai’i-based scholarship program that prioritizes high school students in the Hawaiian islands. Each year, up to 15 students will be rewarded a scholarship of $5,000 each. The HMSA Kaimana Awards gives special focus on students who have outstanding achievements in extra co-curricular activities as well as community work.


  • Up to 15 scholarships awarded annually, each worth $5,000
  • Recipients may choose to study in any field or course of their choice
  • Academic performance taken into consideration, but program prioritizes co curricular achievements such as sports
  • Special consideration given to students who participate in lower-profile sports
  • Open to high school students throughout the Hawaiian islands


  • Must be a Hawai’i resident/high school senior
  • Must have participated in at least one sports team recognized by their league during their high school career


Pacific Islander Health Partnership

The PHIP is an organization whose mission is to serve the indigenous Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders. They provide education to several communities and advocate for better health access in order to combat and reduce health disparities such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Their scholarship program is part of their outreach to further aid Native Hawaiian youths in developing careers that could continue to better serve their community.


  • Open to college students of all standings(freshmen/continuing)
  • Recipients may be awarded scholarships amounting from $250 to $1,000 per academic year
  • Open to any student who self-identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander according to the US Census


  • Non-renewable
  • Recipients must pursue a STEM course in college (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


AlohaCare Scholarship

AlohaCare is a Hawaii-based non-profit health plan that provides affordable medical health insurance to communities throughout the Hawaiian islands. They are also the third largest health plan in Hawai’i since being founded in 1994. Their AlohaCare Scholarship awards deserving recipients annually to help with education expenses.


  • Recipient may receive award of up to $10,000
  • Open to college students of all standings (freshmen/continuing)


  • Eligible applicants must be enrolled in AlohaCare or have a relative that is a member of AlohaCare
  • Recipients must be pursuing a career in health care to qualify



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