New Scholarship Added October 18, 2019

Distinguished Young Women of Wyoming – 7700

Distinguished Young Women of Wyoming is part of a national scholarship program that promotes and rewards scholarship, leadership and talent in young women.

Albany County Cow Belle Scholarship – 1000

The Albany County Cow-Belles scholarship was started in 1984 as part of Shirley’s mother’s memorial.Initially they awarded one$300 scholarship.Since the scholarship began, 58 regular; 10 special; 3 queen; and 4 Beef Ambassador scholarships have been awarded, for a total 75 scholarships worth $60300.A yearly auction has been held since 1988 and a monthly raffle since 1998.

Five scholarships will be awarded this year. Each scholarship will be in the amount of $1,000.00, to be used for tuition, books and fees by the recipient. At least one Scholarship will be awarded to a relative of an Albany County Cow-Belle or an Albany County Cattlewoman.

BPX Energy Scholarship – 5000

To be considered for a BPX Energy Scholarship, you must meet all of the following criteria:
Must be majoring in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field of study with a preference given to students pursuing studies in areas of interest to the energy industry.
A legal resident of the state of Wyoming, with a preference given to students from Carbon and Sweetwater Counties.
A current high school senior planning to enroll full-time at the University of Wyoming, any Wyoming community college or the Colorado School of Mines in the fall of 2019.


A first-year freshman currently enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Wyoming, any Wyoming community college or the Colorado School of Mines in the fall of 2019.

Carbon Power Scholarship – 1000

Carbon offers six scholarships in the amount of $1000 ($500 per semester). As per policy, these scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors whose parent(s) are member-owners (a person who receives electrical service from Carbon Power and Light, Inc.) in Carbon’s certificated service area.

Two seniors will be selected from each of the three cooperative districts. If the appropriate number of applications is not received from each district, the remaining available scholarships may be distributed to other students who have applied from the other districts. Scholarships are provided to students attending an accredited college or vocational-technical school in Wyoming or at the University of Wyoming and are enrolled as a full time student.

Tri State Scholarship – 500

Tri-State Generation & Transmission will award two (2) $500 scholarships to students who enroll as a full time student. Students (including adopted and step-children) of Carbon Power & Light’s Member-Owners (those who receive electrical service from Carbon Power & Light) are eligible to receive this scholarship. The scholarship must be used for educational costs, and the student must enter college in the fall of the school year for which the scholarship is given.

WREA Linemen Scholarship – 3000

The WREA Linemen Scholarship offers scholarships each year to one or more individuals, including recent high school graduates, who are interested in a career as a lineworker and plan to attend an approved regional lineworker training program.

The Donald Runnicles Musical Arts Scholarship – 20000

In 2018, the Grand Teton Music Festival launched a scholarship competition in honor of Music Director Donald Runnicles. The annual competition is open to graduating high school seniors from Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana who are pursuing college studies in music. After submitting an audition video, semi-finalists are invited to perform in a daylong celebration of music at Walk Festival Hall, where they compete for the scholarship prize money in front of GTMF’s panel of renowned judges and a live audience.

In 2019, pianist Marshall McCall, cellist Alexis DePaolo, and baritone Brian Wacker won first, second, and third prizes respectively.

Brian H Grief Memorial Scholarship – 5000

The Floyd’s Truck Center, Inc. Scholarship is offered to assist students from the following cities and surrounding areas: Scottsbluff, Gering and Sidney, NE; Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Casper and Gillette, WY; and from Rapid City and Pierre, SD, who are pursuing a major as a diesel technician at one of the accredited colleges listed. The scholarship is available to high school seniors, and to those who have previously graduated from high school.

LGS Scholarship – 500

The Laramie Girls Softball Scholarship Fund has been established in 2018. The mission of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals that have participated in LGS during any time in their youth and will be enrolled in community colleges, colleges and universities for the 2019-2020 Academic year.The LGS Scholarship principally targets first year students; however, consideration is also given to second year and beyond students.

The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council Scholarship – 1000

Applicant must be a Wyoming resident, either graduating high school or an enrolled college student that is or will be pursuing a college discipline of or relating to AGRICULTURE OR NATURAL RESOURCES. The applicant must attend a university, community college or trade school that is certified by an accrediting agency.

Hot Springs County High School Graduate Scholarship – Varies

One of our biggest scholarship opportunities is the Hot Springs County Education Endowment Fund. Our school district is fortunate to have donors who see the importance of higher education, and who desire to contribute to the success of all students.

The purpose of the Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation is to provide the citizens of Hot Springs County with educational benefits and experiences. In 2016, approximately $60,000 was awarded through scholarships and other funding. Funding for the foundation is through donations and purchases of leaves on the Tree of Knowledge located in the school district auditorium lobby.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Karl Allen or John Magnetti Scholarship – Varies

Karl Allen was a career social studies teacher at HSCHS. His successes include an honorary doctorate at the University of Wyoming. His teaching influence is legendary. The Allen family became Endowment benefactors to honor longtime friend and colleague, John Magnetti.
Mr. Magnetti was principal at HSCHS until his retirement. He is remembered as a dedicated and devoted educator. His generosity and friendship will forever be missed.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Don Duke Bolich Scholarship – Varies

Dr. Bolich grew up in Gebo and remained forever grateful for his opportunities in Hot Springs County. He played sports at Thermopolis High School and into college. He worked hard for his education at the insistence of his doting parents. Dr. Bolich moved to Colorado and had a dental practice there until he retired, but he never forgot Thermopolis. He was a co-founder of the HSCEEF and a significant contributor in the following years. He valued education, athletics, and loyalty to family and community.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Alma Cannon Scholarship – Varies

Alma taught first grade at Hill School in Thermopolis. She was a charter benefactor. Alma once said, “I’m luck that I make a living doing a job I love.” She traveled extensively and shared her knowledge of the world. The Endowment vocational scholarship is named in her honor.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Huella and Martin Darling Scholarship – Varies

Huella and Martin Darling were longtime teachers at Hot Springs County High School. They received their Business Education degrees in Kirksville, Missouri. Martin served in the 8th Air Force 457 Group. They moved to Thermopolis in 1960. Huella taught a variety of business ed classes, and Martin was school librarian. They lived in the same house on Broadway where they raised three daughters. They enjoyed summers in the Big Horns and continued camping and fishing until Martin’s death. Huella and Martin valued vocational education and worked tirelessly to support vocational classes. Huella established this scholarship in 2016 for a student pursuing a vocational career.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Vernon and Carmen S. Eastman Scholarship – Varies

Carmen was a longtime Spanish teacher at HSCHS. She loved to travel and believed that young people should expand their horizons. Carmen was a founding benefactor. The Vernon M. and Carmen S. Eastman Scholarship is dedicated to an outstanding foreign language student.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Mary C. Hanssen Scholarship – Varies

Mary was a career first grade teacher. She began teaching at Gebo north of Thermopolis. She impacted many young children with “the basics”. Later in life, Mary wrote a book. “It’s Always Recess in First Grade.” She dedicated her profits to the Endowment. Mary’s scholarship is awarded to a multi-generational Hot Springs County student.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Ruth Clare Yonkee Johnson Scholarship – Varies

Ruth Clare Yonkee Johnson graduated from Hot Springs County High School as Valedictorian in 1940. She was one of the first women lawyers in the State of Wyoming. She was chair of the Bicentennial Committee in Hot Springs County in 1976. The Bicentennial Park and flower bed was established during this time at 5th and Broadway. As a member of the Daughters of the American Revolutions, she chaired Constitution Observances. She worked with schools and the community to hand out Constitution handbooks. She also was responsible for the establishment of the State Legend Rock Site. She was recognized as the first woman in the HSC Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2017, Ruth Clare and her family established an Endowment scholarship for a deserving student.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Frank Manning Scholarship – Varies

Frank Manning was a beloved citizen of Hot Springs County. He spent his dental career in Thermopolis. Dr. Manning was a Korean War veteran and author of a book about his wartime experiences. Frank was devoted to the community. He developed the WWII Veteran’s Memorial at the Hot Springs County Museum and the Cowboy Memorial in the heart of downtown Thermopolis. He was passionate about tennis and was instrumental in refurbishing the tennis courts in Candy Jack Park. He was a co-founder of the HSCEEF to promote education for all citizens in Hot Springs County.

The Hot Springs County Education Endowment Foundation Bobby Reich Scholarship – Varies

“Bobby” was the son of Sharon and Jerry Reich. He graduated for HSCHS in 1981. He was a swimmer and four year member of NHS. “Bobby” lived with cystic fibrosis until his death at age 39. “Bobby” is remembered as a fighter with a “no quit, no can’t” attitude. A scholarship for excellence in math/science honors his life at HSCHS.