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We list your scholarship and create a customized, online application form.

Applying is made easy by prefilling standard questions.

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We reach out to students, notifying qualified applicants in our database.

Organizations typically see 5x more qualified applications after a listing.

Manage applications

We request transcripts and letters of recommendation from counselors and recommenders.

You can check your applications any time. Print or forward them for review.


$20 million awarded last year
100,000+ applications processed
97% satisfaction rate


My scholarship is specific; can I be sure applicants are qualified?
Applicants have to confirm that they fulfil each individual requirement before starting the application process.
Can applicants submit a video application?
Yes, videos are supported. We have, however, found this reduces completed applications significantly.
Can I require specific documents as part of the application?
Yes. Our application process is highly configurable. You can define which documents are needed and from whom (e.g. recommenders, counselors).
Can I keep the application on my website too?
Of course. However, after a year on Scholars App donors typically don't see a need to also host it elsewhere.

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