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Scholars App will get your scholarship in front of qualified students and allow them to apply online through their mobile device completely for FREE! Get in front of thousands of students in minutes

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How It Works

You send us a copy of your application.

We turn your application into an online fillable form

Our matching algorithm ensure that only qualified students see your scholarship.

You receive qualified and completed applications via secured email

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How do I receive my applications?

We will send them to you via encrypted email

How do you ensure that applicants are qualified?

Scholar’s App uses 14 different matching topics and follow up questions to ensure that every applicant is qualified.

How many more applications can I receive?

The average scholarship on Scholar's App experiences an increase of 50+ applications or more than their previous year

What is the cost to get started?

There is no cost to get started. Simply submit a copy of your application to us and we tell our students about it.

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