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Worthy Women's Scholarship

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The Worthy Women's Scholarship is an extension of our business in an effort to help woman further their academic and financial futures. We are proud to be offering our scholarship for the seventh year in a row.

The Worthy Women's Scholarship is intended for women who have decided to enroll in school to pursue their passions and open up more doors for themselves and others.

Over the years, we have helped fifteen worthy women make their dreams of returning to school a reality and continue to support women as they pursue their academic careers and onward.

To apply, please review the requirements and writing instructions below.​

Qualified applicants must:
  • be enrolled in a continuing education professional studies program
  • be a permanent resident of the United States
  • identify as a female and be age 30 or older

Writing instructions: For your essay, please choose one of the following quotes and topics to address in 300-500 words. We are looking for answers that are honest, thoughtful, well-written, and focused. Please note while relevant background information is always appreciated, we ask that you remain topic-focused in your answer.

1. DREAM - Describe a dream of yours you hope to one day achieve and tell us how your current education and career endeavors will help you get there.

2. GUIDANCE - Imagine you could have dinner with any historical figure (political, entertainment, public figure). In your essay, share who it would be, why you chose them, and what you would hope to gain from your conversation.

3. CULTURE - Share a practice or belief in your culture that has helped you on the educational and career path you are taking.