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City Planning / Urban Studies scholarships

  • Arizona
    Agnes Allen Scholarship
    This scholarship awards an undergraduate geospatial science and community planning major to include land management and interrelationships between the earth and humankind. Preference is given to students involved in research and thesis work.
  • AmericanTrucks Student Scholarships
    This scholarship is for students who will be/are pursuing apprenticeship programs in the traditional building trades(e.g. carpentry, HVAC, electrical or related fields of study).
  • Ohio
    Edwin B. Hogan Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is for a student of Black/African descent in the civil engineering, architecture, surveying, or planning fields with a focus on community involvement.
  • OSLS Scholarship Program
    This scholarship is for student members of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors who are seeking a career as a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.
  • Virginia
    Sean W. Spillane Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is for students in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.
  • Virginia
    Sonny Roden Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is for graduate students enrolled at Virginia universities in an environmental engineering or physical science program.