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Photography scholarships

These are all open scholarships for students looking to study something related to Photography. Select other major

  • Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarships
    2023-11-30 - The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program was established to commemorate Anthony Quinn’s contribution to the arts and support his vision for an art conscious society. The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to high school students who wish to attend a recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program. The Scholarship Program focuses on the Literary Arts, Media Arts (Animation, Anime, Film), Performing Arts (Dance, Instrumental, Singing, Theatre) and the Visual Arts (Architecture, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Photography). Scholarship recipients can apply Foundation funds to any recognized pre-college or arts education program. Funds awarded will be sent directly to the arts education program designated by the student. The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship cannot be used for currently attended programs, previously attended programs, private instruction, secondary school or college tuition, or travel expenses. Past Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply again. Judging panel are be made up of practicing artists, art educators, and experts in the various fields of focus. Judges are completely independent from the Foundation’s board/staff and are geographically dispersed throughout the United States. The Foundation makes an effort to distribute the funds evenly across all artistic disciplines. The maximum scholarship award is $3,000. Since the tuition costs of many summer intensive programs can exceed this amount, we encourage our applicants to plan for and to seek additional funding from other sources.
  • James Brown / Frank Folwell Storytelling Scholarship
    2030-07-07 - The scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students studying **photojournalism** and whose portfolio emphasizes storytelling in still pictures or video.