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Scholarships in Minnesota

These are all open scholarships for students either resident in or looking to study in Minnesota. Select other state

  • 2021 AWS Northwest Section – Mace Harris Scholarship
    This scholarship will be awarded to a student in the AWS Northwest Section pursuing certificates or degrees in welding.
  • 2022 Lynnes Welding Training Scholarship
    This scholarship will be awarded to AWS Northern Plains Section students pursuing degrees or certificates in welding or welding-related programs.
  • Jim and Sue Clausen Scholarship
    This scholarship is for students who are enrolled in coursework offered at the **University of Minnesota, Rochester** with a junior status in fall 2017. A plus will be given to students pursuing a **health-sciences degree** and those from **Steele and Olmsted counties** in Minnesota (students from the state of Minnesota will folow).
  • Northern Plains Section Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to a student in the AWS Northern Plains Section who is pursuing a degree or certificate in a welding or welding-related program.