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Hawaii Tokai International College

For an education bridging diverse international perspectives, discover Hawaii Tokai International College! Located next to UH West Oahu in Kapolei, HTIC is an accredited two-year college where you can earn your A.A. degree in a unique and interesting setting. Learn about Japan and other cultures. Study abroad through our Discover East Asia program. Let HTIC be the international gateway to your future!


DevLeague is a Super-Intense Programming Bootcamp. Novice programmers with little to moderate web programming skills will learn full-stack Javascript along with gaining the tools and skills necessary to becoming a programmer today.

York University

York University is a private university located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Take courses online or at affiliated campuses located around the world. York University, founded in 2001, is proud to offer a quality education to motivated students who want to gain knowledge in professional industries.

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