Being a scholarship donor is not easy, there is so much to do. Here is a list of services that you should consider using during your next scholarship season.


Collecting Emails:


Email can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with new prospects and influencers once your scholarship is open. However, these people visit your website even when your scholarship is not open. Adding a service like will enable you to collect visitors email address through your website and then notify them once your scholarship is live. You can also use Mail Chimp to store your existing emails of people that you want to notify and send out an email campaign to all of them at once. Mail Chimp is free if you have less than 2,000 email addresses stored, after that a small monthly fee will be charged.




Taking student information should be taken very seriously. Proper procedures should be taken to ensure that the information is safe. provides HIPAA compliant email encryption and encrypted forms. This will allow students to submit their application to you via email or online form securely. You can test to see if your current email address is safe to use or not by using this link Paubox prices vary on their products and users, however, you can get started with a 14 Day free trial.


Creating your application:


When you are first starting your scholarship, you will need to come up with your own application. One of the most common ways scholarships distributes their application is on a PDF. To create your own PDF application to send out to school or make a “Fillable” PDF, you can use PDF Escape allows you to create a PDF application from scratch or make an existing PDF fillable. This will allow you to have your PDF on your website and students can fill out your application will still on their laptop.


There are so many different facets that you need to cover when you are a scholarship donor that it can get unbearable even for those with a large committee. These products can help you create a scholarship application, market your scholarship, and receive application securely.


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